Friday, January 11, 2008

Some New Goals and My Daily Journal

Note: My daily Food Log for today can be found here. I also posted some new WW point recipes so scroll down. Hope you have a great day!

I got some new goals I really want to work on. I used to teach goal setting and I know that writing them down is the first step to accomplishing them. I put a ticker at the bottom of this blog so we can count down my weight loss. Yes, you read it right, my goal for right now is 100 pounds! That will probably take me 2 years to get to so to keep myself motivated, right now my personal goal is to get under 300! That is where I was a year ago after the birth of Neil. So here are my goals for right now.

  1. Get under 300 pounds
  2. Get up at 6 am to exercise and read scriptures and shower before my kids wake up.
  3. I need to eat my full required points.
  4. Work out 30 minutes a day. (Right now I am only doing a 15 min power mile walk)
  5. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.
  6. Go to bed earlier and lay my exercise clothes out so I don't wake the baby up in the morning.
  7. Play outside with my kids daily, as weather permits.
  8. Eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day. This is really hard because I have not been doing very good with this at all before dieting.
  9. Make sure I get at least 2 servings of milk a day. I know how important milk is for women and I also know there are a lot of studies that say drinking your daily milk allowance promotes weight loss. I also have started drinking skim again. Really it is not as bad as I thought. I was reading a blog the other day that said there is a skim ultra milk that provides the body with more vitamins. I would really like to look for that next time I go to the grocery. I live in a rural area and we just don't get everything. I have been wanting to try the new lite Progresso soups that are 0 ww points, but I looked at Wal-mart. where I do most of my grocery shopping. and I could not find it.
  10. I am going to have weekly weigh-ins. My first will be Monday and it is said that it is better to have someone else weigh you so dh will be doing that. I really feel like I have lost some weight so come Monday and see my results. Also I know that because of my weight I could see a higher weight loss maybe even 3 pounds a week from what I read. Let's hope!

So there are the 10 goals I am currently working on! This morning I got up at 6:30 and got my 30 min Morning Power Mile in and I need to do the evening one tonight. I have NEVER been this motivated about dieting. The only thing I can think that is helping me this time is this blog and my supportive friends and my health issues. So, thanks to all of you for visiting!

Also, I want to make this blog my daily journal with things relating to my weight loss journey. Today, I want to write about my body. There are too many things that I hate about my body but there are two in particular that I want to talk about today. First, is my stomach flab roll. I hate it! I got this really bad after giving birth to my twins, hey I was carrying 12 pounds of baby alone even though that is no excuse. It just feels awful when I walk or even sit for that matter. I am kind of scared that when I do lose the weight that I might still have that flab and that bothers me a lot! The other part of my body is my legs and especially between my legs when I walk. I want that space back! My dh tells me all the time that he thinks I am beautiful, but I really do not see that and I want to see that. I have hid my weight in my clothes for so long! That has made me feel even more unbeautiful! I have a sister who is super skinny. I really do not know how she stays that skinny, she can eat anything! But I noticed one day when I looked in the mirror that we really look a lot alike, now she would probably flip out if I told her we looked alike. She is gorgeous, like a size 5 and I definitely am not! So, I know she has my family genes that someday I could be as beautiful as her. Heck I'd shot for a size 12 and be really happy to be honest! I know I can do this and I want to do this so that is making a big difference right now. So, enough today about my body.


Quote for the day

C. S. Lewis says, "God who foresaw your tribulation has specially armed you to get through it, not without pain, but without stain" (Letters of C. S. Lewis, ed. W. H. Lewis [New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1966], 219).


Natalie said...

I wish you luck with your goals! I'm desperately trying to lose weight too. I'm doing a biggest loser competition on a mommy board. It ends April 7th and my goal in that time is 20 pounds gone. But after that I still have about 30 or so to go.

Mimi's Toes said...

OMG...that is my favorite scripture. Do you mind if I put it on my blog? I hope you find that light Progresso soup cause you will LOVE it! I had the Italian kind for dinner last night with saltines and it is so filling. I add Mrs.Dash to give it more seasoning. I have tried all the varieties and they are all very good. You can eat the whole can. The chicken noodle is super! You have Great Goals and you are inspiring me. I think that you get up early to exercise and read scriptures is a great way to start your day. I am rooting for you girl...

Patty said...

You are doing great. You just have to keep plodding along and you will make it all the way.

Jennie said...

i am so impressed! you are doing amazing! very inspiring!