Monday, January 14, 2008

Nathan is home now

I have so much that I want to say. Actually, I am crying after seeing all the prayers that went out for my son Nathan. I know they all helped! First I want to tell everybody about what happened. Sunday morning, I heard someone up in the house. When I got up, I saw that it was Nathan. I did not have my glasses on but I saw something in his mouth he showed me and then when I got there to see what it was it was gone. At first I thought it was a penny, but when I went in the living room, I saw my blood pressure medicine bottle by the computer desk opened. I just about flipped out. I asked Nathan where my medicine was and he pointed to his heart. My dh came in and took Nathan and the medicine bottle to the hospital that is like 5 minutes from our house. They gave him charcoal. At the house I called my mother in law to come and get my other kids and started figuring out how many pills were missing. From what I could tell only one was missing and one capsule was open and I could tell it had been chewed on. They ended up flying him by helicopter to a bigger hospital that had a pediatric intense care unit. I was told that nobody could go with him. So I was really crying, but I tried to be happy for Nathan as they put him in the ambulance to take him to the helicopter pad. He was crying really bad. I have always put my medicine in our medicine cabinet after another experience I had had that Nathan got into them but he did not eat them that time. So, I thought keeping them up would help. I was really tired the night before and put my medicine on the top area of my computer desk and I ate a snack I was feeling really bad shaky and very tired as I had been up with Neil the night before because he had a fever from shots. No excuse I know but I left them there in the container that you get from the drug store, which is suppose to be child resistant, but believe me it is NOT! So anyways, I blame myself and it has been really hard for me to forgive myself. My parents live close to the hospital where Nathan was going and they got there and were able to see him soon after he got to the hospital so at least someone was there that he knew! We got there about 1 1/2 hours later and Nathan was so glad to see us. We got the drug test results back and he had, as I already knew, had the drug in his system. They monitored him all day yesterday and he slept most of the day. The bad thing would be that he would have a lowered blood pressure, but his body actually compensated for that and he had really high heart rate that was a little scary for awhile. The medicine was an extended release so the time that something could happen was extended and that made it even scarier. Nathan woke up this morning at 6 am and he seemed fine. He wanted out of the bed wanted to play etc. I know so many prayers went out for him and I am so thankful! I am also blessed that there were not a lot of pills in the bottle and that something made me wake up and hear him and I know this could have been much worse and with different results. We stopped at a Walmart on the way home and bought a lock box and all of our medicines are in that box and I made sure I had no cleaning supplies out, I keep them all up high. I am a little emotional right now. I feel like I have been through ALOT! I was scared to death and actually I am still scared! I still feel so bad about what I did even though everyone tells me accidents happen. I am working on trying to forgive myself, I think right now that is the hardest part!!! But I am sooo blessed to have friends like all of you out there praying for my son. Thank you all so much. I wish I could have got word to you sooner, but even the small message I left, my dh was screaming we have to go, but I really knew my son needed the prayers and I thank you all lots!


Tammy said...

Oh Lorie!!! I am sooo glad he is ok!! What a scary episode for you all!!

Patty said...

I am happy everything has turned out for the best. It is so hard to keep kids out of stuff, and you are right the child safety stuff doesn't work most of the time. It isn't your fault, it could have happened to anyone. Congrats on the 8 lbs lost that is so awesome! You can do this.