Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Scales Quit on me!

My food log for today is here.
My dinner from last night is here.
Well, yesterday, I was looking at my scales and they were flashing and then went totally off, so I think I am going to have to buy a new battery. It was suppose to be a lithium battery and I thought those were suppose to last a long time. I have not even had my scales a year. Oh well, dh took the battery out and he is going to try to get a new one. So, hopefully by Monday I will still be able to weigh in!
I found this close out deal on Whole Wheat Tortillas at Food City and I have decided to go back and get some. They had good dates and there were lots. They were 58 cents for a 10 pack. So, I am going to buy one and try them and if I like them I might get some more. I think they would be great to eat sandwiches for lunch.
Yesterday was really hard. I stayed within my points but I was just so hungry. I changed to Multi-gran Cheerios for breakfast because they were fewer points than the Go Lean Crunch that I was eating, but the Go Lean Crunch really stays with you and makes you feel less hungry! I ate it today and I do not feel as hungry.
I tried another Progresso Soup 0 points yesterday and it was Chicken and Rice and I can say I will not buy that one again, it was really bad. I loved the Vegetable and Noodles one though. I think I have one more to try.
Things seem to be back to normal. Nathan has woken up ever night since we have been home from the hospital screaming! He just wants to be close to you and then he goes right back to sleep. I think he is having nightmares from the whole ordeal. I just pray that he will stop having all those bad nightmares.
I forgot to post my dinner from last night. I'll get that up today. It was really good!
School was called off today due to the snow we got last night and some feezing rain, it is only raining now. But, I have all the kids home with me today.
Hope everyone has a great day!
Update: I posted my dinner from last night!
Also I found some WW Crockpot recipes online most have WW points listed by the recipe. Enjoy!


Renee's Reading Corner said...

Congratulations on losing 8 pounds!!! Way to go! Will keep you all and Nathan in my thoughts and prayers. Take care!

Mimi's Toes said...

Have you tried the Weight Control Quaker Oatmeal/Banana Bread? It is wonderful and very filling.
Do you weigh in on the weight watchers digital? That is the scale I have.

Lorie said...

mimi-I don't have the weight watchers scale but I have a really nice glass digital, it looks a lot like the WW. No I have not tried the Quaker Oatmeal, need to try that next grocery store trip.