Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another WOW Moment!

Well, I had another WOW moment today. I went to the doctor and as I was sitting in the chair in the exam room waiting and I noticed that I have a lap. lol! Yes, I said it a lap. I remember being at the doctor last December weighing 323.8 pounds and I really could not even sit in the chair because I was so big. When the nurse weighed me in it said 268. I just do not remember ever going to the doctor and weighing that. I have always weighed like 280 or more. So, that was a great feeling. One nurse who used to work in the office of my ob saw me and said that I looked like a new person. Wow, do I really look like a new person? The doctor that I saw was the first one who told me I should try weight watchers. She was shocked that I lost so much. She made a statement about several of her friends who had lost 50 some pounds and gained it back several times and she wondered if I was going to do the same. That kind of hurt because I have been doing so well, but I think she was just trying to gauge how serious I really was about losing the weight. But anyways I had another WOW moment and wanted to write about it.


Jen said...

CONGRATS!!! That's awesome! I can't wait for you to show that doctor how serious you are as you keep losing weight! GREAT JOB!

Lilith Silvermane said...

YAY to having a lap! It's amazing how cool it is when you realize things that people take for granted.

I bet you do look like a new person, #1 confidence is wonderful. #2 The face loses so much weight, and it is almost like a structure change when it comes off of it.

Proud of you!

Beth said...

Congratulations, Lorie! You are amazing.

Sorry about that doctor's comment; that was pretty insensitive. I'm sure she doesn't realize that you've been changing your whole style of living, not just "dieting," and yes -- maybe she was just trying to gauge how serious you were. You're gonna knock her socks off next time when you go in! :-)

mom_of2boys said...

Great job! It's awesome that so many people are makes you feel good.

Weight Watcher's is definitely a lifestyle change. If you don't stick with the changes, you could end up being one that gains the weight back. Some people see WW as a diet, it's not it's a lifestyle change...changes that need to last a lifetime.

I think you are doing an awesome job. I look forward to more of your WOW moments!!

Patty said...

That is awsome Lorie. You are doing so good. You need to post some pictures.

Betsy said...

Proud of you!!