Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I got an Award!

Jen nominated me for a blog award because my blog is the key to a weight loss success story! Thanks Jen! Now I get to nominate some people whose blogs have inspired and motivated me!

The WWChic- Heather's blog is the reason I started going to the Weight Watchers meetings instead of just doing it at home. I love all the great ideas she post on he blog. BTW, she is a Weight Watchers leader!
Tracie- This girl has lost over 100 pounds. I first found Tracie on U-Tube where she had a video giving ideas to eat on weight watchers. Well, I have since found her webpage and I have enjoyed seeing her lose weight and she just got to onederland (the 100's) She is definitely an inspiration! She was even on the Rachel Ray show! She also has Tracie's kitchen at her web page and I just love it!
Tammy- Tammy was the person who's blog I found talking about starting a biggest loser group that keeps up through blogs. I had never thought about using a blog as a way to help me lose weight and so that is how my blog was born! She has since moved her weight loss blog to her personal blog, but I still like to follow it. I also LOVE her pictures! While I did not have enough money to join the biggest loser competition, they still let me participate by giving me some greatly needed motivation!
Byebye Fat Mom- Natalie started doing Fitness on Friday and has motivated not only me but lots of people wanting to lose weight!
Melissa-Melissa posted her pictures of her wonderful weight loss on her blog which really inspired me. She has also been one great encourager to me!

There are so many other people that have blogs/web pages that have inspired me on this journey! My list is too long to name everyone!

For those I have named, please take this award and post it on your blog and pass it on to some blogs that have inspired you.

Thanks Jen for this award! I am really honored!


Michelle said...

You DEFINITELY deserve this Lorie! Congrats!!

Tammy said...

awww, thanks Lorie!! You have been a great supporter to me as well!! And you have done such a fabulous job!!!

Jen said...

You are MOST WELCOME! I'm so sorry I haven't been over here in awhile. We have family in town, but I should be up and running soon. HOPEFULLY!!! I have so much to catch up on! Thanks for passing on the award and thanks for ALL your motivation :)