Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Goals for today!

Mini Weight Loss Goals for today!
1. Drink all of my water
2. Eat at least 5 fruits and veggies (This is gonna be hard because I can't go to the grocery until Friday and I am out of a lot of stuff! Yesterday I only got 3 in :(
3. EXERCISE! (I did nothing yesterday, got to get moving!)
4. Write everything down, as usual!

Goal for my house today!
1. Laundry- at least 3 loads
2. Mop my kitchen floor
3. Pick up living room
4. Vacuum living room floor and couches under cushions
5. Make my bed
6. Dishes

Goals with my kids today!
1. Have them pick up toys in living room
2. Outside time!
3. Make some Fiber One Cookies with them
4. Make Chex Mix with them

Personal goals for today!
1. Read some of the novel I am reading
2. Post Tasty Thursday recipe
3. Post goals for today

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