Sunday, June 22, 2008

RR: Crustless Dreamsicle Pie

Crustless Dreamsicle Pie
2 cups mandarian oranges, drained
1 small box sugar free fat free Cook and Serve (not instant) vanilla pudding
1 small box sugar free fat free orange gelatin
2 cups water
fat free cool whip (Optional)
Spray and 8 inch or 9 inch pie plate with non stick cooking spray. Layer oranges evenly in pie plate. Cook vanilla pudding according to directions but use 2 cups of water instead of milk. Add dry gelatin to pudding mixture and stir until dissolve. Allow to cool 5 minutes, then pour over oranges. Chill 4 hours.
Serves 8 at Weight Watchers POINTS®-each
Note- Make sure to check points for optional fat free cool whip. Most of the time, I add the small tub and cover the top of the pie and it usually adds a point that way, but if I add a tablespoon to my serving, it adds no points. So, just make sure you check.
Special Notes*Make sure pudding mixture is thickened enough or oranges will rise to the top. The oranges are the "crust"
*You can try this with other fruits/gelatin flavors. To make a peach pie add peaches instead of oranges and peach SF/FF Jello. To make a strawberry pie add strawberries instead of oranges and strawberry SF/FF Jello.*You can also put this in a pie shell if you want, but I am telling you my family loved it without the shell.
*If you are doing the CORE program, you could add FF milk instead of water to the pudding. you can add this on FLEX too, but you have to add the points and that's a lot of points! It was really good with just the water though and I did not have to add those points!

RR: This was as good as the other crustless pies that I have tried! Peach and Crustless Strawberry Pie.

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